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To carry out its projects, NOUR can count on partners invested in solidarity actions and development aid.

This ad hoc support, which can take several forms, is essential for the pursuit of our missions.

NOUR is also investing in France in the fields of ecology and sustainable development.


YEAR 2014

Partnership with LYCEE RENE CASSIN

NOUR has entered into a partnership with the LYCEE PROFESSIONNEL RENE CASSIN, located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. This partnership made it possible to create a solidarity garden within the school.

The objective of this project was to create an educational tool for high school students. We worked with the non-French speaking 3rd pro class.

This project was started from April to June 2014 and was very successful with the young people and their teacher and is continuing in 2015.

Operation MICRODON

Like last year, NOUR participated in Operation MICRODON in 2014. It consists of collecting donations in supermarkets. Customers of the store simply pass a form with a bar code at the checkout like any other product and thus pay the entire amount to the association.

This project was carried out in support of the MAIRIE DE PARIS, supervised by the MICRODON association in collaboration with the PASSERELLES ET COMPETENCES association.

A big thank you for your support !

Collection for BOUCHONS D'AMOUR

NOUR is in partnership with the association LES BOUCHONS D'AMOUR as part of an ecological and social project.

Each month we collect between 100 and 300 kg of caps from schools and individuals while raising awareness of the importance of sorting and recycling.

The funds generated by the sale of plastic are used to finance the purchase of wheelchairs for people with disabilities.

Thus, NOUR actively participates in actions to protect the planet and help people with disabilities.

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