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In Mauritania, education, vocational training and the fight against poverty are a priority.

The association is the manager of a boarding school in Nouakchott. It was the association's first project. The children come from isolated villages, mostly without

One of the main missions of the association is to give an education to the children received and to place the child at the center of his life, to make him fully
actor in these decisions and to avoid as much as possible any dependence on aid.

We wish to contribute to their physical and intellectual development by offering them a peaceful environment, and by meeting their essential needs (housing, food, clothing, care, education).

All costs related to education (accommodation, teachers, dormitories, meals, etc.) are fully covered by Nour thanks to donations and actions carried out in France and Mauritania for orphan children and for children from poor families.


NOUR's objective is to build a real boarding school for rural, poor and sometimes orphaned children, able to accommodate at least 50 children.

This establishment will provide a peaceful environment and help preserve the balance of these children by meeting their basic needs:

housing, food, care and education.


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